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Elle & Elle Podcast

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Unapologetically Black!✊
June 20, 2020

Welcome back y’all!!!! So this week we’re talking about being Unapologetically Black! Now is not the time to downplay our blackness. It’s time to get EXTRA BLACK!✊

Mind Ya Business
June 12, 2020

Back for another week of the Elle & Elle Podcast. This week we discuss the on going protests around the world, why we don’t have white friends and THE KARENS. Hope y’all enjoy.

Another Run
June 05, 2020

The Elle & Elle Podcast is back! On this weeks episode we discuss the recent events of George Floyd’s murder and the protests that have lead from it. We also talk about our own experiences with racism and our emotions behind it. And of courseeeee, we give

We’re Back!
June 05, 2020

The Elle & Elle Podcast has returned for another run, you asked for it so here we are! Were here to share our thoughts, opinions and experiences on recent events. Tune in weekly!!