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Protective Wellness
December 16, 2022

Bridget Truxillo, CEO and founder of Protective Wellness, is a former law enforcement officer from Florida and the first woman on the SWAT for her department. She shares her struggles and her triumphs. A brave soul, and a sincere soul to want to give back

Calibre Press
October 08, 2022

Lead Instructor for Calibre Press, Kelly DeVoll joins me on this episode. Kellys Law Enforcement career is impressive but more importantly his passion to better the profession through his training and instructing is more impressive. Kelly is a 30 plus ye

August 19, 2022

Jimmie Wright, a 28 year Law Enforcement veteran, joins me on this episode. Jimmie has unique skill sets that come from being on a unique and elite unit, SWAT Team Lead for NASA, for over 16 years. Jimmie delves into many topics: his own life; his SWAT ca

Principles of Leadership
August 11, 2022

Brian Gaydos, a recently retired Lieutenant from a Metropolitan DC area police department joins me on this episode. Im honored to have him back on the podcast and honored to call him a brother and friend. True leadership in my opinion is shown through in

What is a Hero?
June 30, 2022

Ken Frownfelter, a 15 year Police Officer whos held positions as a Patrol Officer, Traffic Officer, SWAT operator, Crime prevention Officer (public education), Field Training Officer, DT instructor, Use of Force instructor, Citizen Police Academy Intsruc

Surviving Until Tuesday
May 07, 2022

Andrew Einstein , a Marine Corps Veteran and a 14 year Law Enforcement Officer in the great state of New Jersey joins me on this episode. Andrew talks about his critical incident while on deployment and how coming back to “regular” life he struggled might

Human Trafficking
March 30, 2022

Bill Woolf (Can be found on LinkedIn) a proven expert in all facets of criminal justice with specific focus on gangs and human trafficking. Bill talks about his earlier motivations on becoming a police officer and delves into his career. Bill has seen the

“Bitch! Get up!”
March 16, 2022

Bitch! Get up! Is what one brave and resilient officer told herself during her own officer involved shooting. Lindsay McCall Long, a 17 year veteran of Law Enforcement, Retired Police Officer, a mother , a wife , and a daughter talks about her critical

Don’t be Defeated
March 07, 2022

Logan Campbell, of @littlehollowlife and @thedoubleedgedlife on Instagram joins me on this episode. Logan is no stranger to law enforcement. He grew up in a law enforcement family and he himself sacrificed his life to serve the community as well. With ov

The Courageous Ones
February 28, 2022

Father and daughter, Michael and Katherine Boyle join me on this episode . Katherine is the daughter of a retired Law Enforcement Lieutenant. Katherine started a support group and online community to help LEOs find a positive outlet and support network. T