Unsaid Words...

Unsaid Words...

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To the women of the world..
March 08, 2022

Happy women's day to every women listening to my podcast..

Person full of self doubts
January 22, 2022

Remember you are the best

It was an illusion..
May 17, 2021

Love is an illusion

The Blessing...
April 27, 2021

She is someone... With whom I'm in love..

That guy..!!!
September 08, 2020

Hope you'll will guess ... who's that guy...

August 28, 2020

Frndship is the most beautiful thing in this world.....

We cannot explain everything we feel..
August 18, 2020

We cannot explain every emotion...

To my inner self..
July 18, 2020

Hey you!! Just listen this..

They're not worth it
July 11, 2020

No temporary people anymore...
July 02, 2020

Don't allow people to be in your life... according to their needs...