Cocktails and Lessons with Irene

Cocktails and Lessons with Irene

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Happy 2024
March 13, 2024

I am from the woodwork

We recap on 2023 ,hey 2024
January 01, 2024

Today marks a new blank page of 365 days ..let's learn and live life ..Happy 2024 .--- Support this podcast:

Almost last Q and A 2023
December 16, 2023

We did it 2024 we be more --- Support this podcast:

Hello from the other side
November 28, 2023

Let's sit and reflect --- Support this podcast:

Time to applaud yourself
September 13, 2023

You are doing the best you can and I am proud of you --- Support this podcast:

Here is to 4 months ..
September 02, 2023

Here to encourage you --- Support this podcast:

Let's talk Career goals
July 12, 2023

I hope I was able to answer all your career questions --- Support this podcast:

Know when your time is up and Act accordingly.
June 13, 2023

Know when it's time to leave that party ,that job,that friendship,that love for your own well being know when to leave --- Support this podcast:

Final part of Everyone isn't meant to be your Friend
June 06, 2023

Y'all have learned and you said I left you hanging..Never will that happen again.I take full responsibility for this because I should have known better and I did but I chose to look away.We learn and when you learn you adjust and Act accordingly......See

Here is a story about how my life changed .
June 04, 2023

The only why you will know the end of something is it you start.Not everything works out badly you may just love the end .Here is my story --- Support this podcast: