Thats What They Said Podcast

Thats What They Said Podcast

Latest Episodes

Stick To The Plan
October 12, 2020

Taking time for yourself is important and we're here to talk about it

Off The Dome
September 07, 2020

No list, no hot topics, just us and whatever came to mind

Interview: Sammie Arnold
September 07, 2020

Our interview with future MO representative Sam Arnold

He Did That Sh*t
August 27, 2020

We're late again we know, so we gave y'all 2 parts this time. We had a great talk with friend of the show Sam Arnold hope you enjoy and don't forget to share!

Everybody's Boyfriend
July 29, 2020

On this episode the crew discuss Kanye's antics, Meg/Tory, some interesting findings between the Migos and Lil Baby, and can you separate the art from the artist

We Back!
June 29, 2020

Without KD things get interesting to say the least...

Wah Gwan
June 05, 2020

On the first episode of the That's What They Said Podcast Will, Roxy, and KD sit with Joe and Roanne and discuss the current circumstances in America specifically what's going on in the fight for social justice for the black community.