Inspirational Life Guidance

Inspirational Life Guidance

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Everyone And Everything Is A Mirror Showing You Yourself
April 29, 2021

Every experience is relevant and worth your attention, for it is showing you what youve been making yourself feelshowing you what you might want to reinforce and what you might want to redirect. You can change anything in the mirror of the world, as lon

Be In A Committed Relationship With Yourself
April 28, 2021

Prioritizing your own feeling good is the only unselfish thing to do. It eliminates expectation, disappointment, and more, and it guarantees better feelings!

One Step At A Time: The Way To Get Anywhere You Want To Go
April 27, 2021

One small, comfortable, believably achievable step at a time in the right direction can get you to the top of the highest mountain, and it can likewise make it possible for you to achieve any goal you wish to achieve.

Is Lasting Happiness Possible?
April 26, 2021

We might think we need bad to come with any good we experience. But we only need bad if this is all that motivates us to do things and to move forward. If we are motivated forward toward more good even when things are good, would we need “bad” at all?

Your life is a blank page...
June 07, 2020

The Ultimate Secret to creating your ideal life, in a poem.Read this poem on Medium at

All Lives Matter
June 05, 2020

I wrote this poem on 6/4/20 in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.  All life is sacred. May George Floyd's death lead us to a fuller acknowledgement of the importance of every human (and all) life. Let's make it matter. Read this poem on Med