Two Otters One River

Two Otters One River

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Episode 7 - Two Otters One River
June 26, 2020

I talk to myself in a short interview, and michael laughs his ass off most of the podcast. join us on a new episdoe of Two Otters One River.

Episode 6 - Two Otters One River
June 24, 2020

Just a whole bunch of BullShit! A Lax Podcast talking about how to resolve conflicts and make fun of ourselves multiple times!

Episode 5 - Two Otters One River
June 19, 2020

We have a Special guest tonight, Connor M'fn Mahan is in the house to talk about his music and his dream to become one of, if not the greatest rapper/R&B artist of todays music! Join Me and MIchael as we dive into this new Live episode of..... TWO...

Episode 4 - Two Otters One River
June 15, 2020

we literally talk nothing but bullshit this episode, so enjoy to some profanity and a whole lot of Michael talking into the mic on this episode of..... Two Otters One River!

Episode 2 - Two Otters One River
June 09, 2020

New Podcast out! With new exciting news! Click like and subscribe to the podcast! New Email as well!! send us a message let us know how were doing and input is always welcome!

Episode 1 - Two Otters One River
June 07, 2020

Very first podcast for us guys and gals! i truly hope you will love it and put your own input into this as well! without furthur to do Michael and I would like to introduce you to our new podcast! Two Otters One River! Enjoy!