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PF Awards Talk Special a.k.a. "In Bed with Nick" #2 - Oscars - Final predictions
April 24, 2021

Host Nick just takes a quick sitdown to take you, shmucks, through all 23 categories of the Oscars coming up in a couple of days. It includes what he'd pick if he were a betting man as well as if he w

#11 - "No it's not Hentai, but it's CLOSE"
April 22, 2021

The Easter edition of Pong Fiction has arrived, and it's a little empty to be quite honest. Host Luca joins Nick as they debate the realm of anime, and his obsession with it (he dubs it folks!). Full

#10 - "Stop, and just breathe... breathe in... the Minari"
April 21, 2021

We're finally back for the first episode of Pong Fiction's 2021 season. This episode covers our adventures over the months of February and March, in which we watched a shit tonne of films including Mi

#9 - "My name's Imelda!"
January 28, 2021

Host Luca returns, and we sweep through some stuff we've been watching, including how 'The Queen's Gambit' trumps all other chess films, how 'Wonder Woman 1984' is rivalling 'KB2' for worst film of 20

#8 - "YES BILL! Right there! Right on the ROCKS!"
January 28, 2021

Host Gus is back, and we give our thoughts on Christopher Nolan's 'cinema saviour' 'Tenet', as well as Sofia Coppola's dramedy 'On the Rocks'. Is Tenet ahead of its time? Is 'On the Rocks' deeper than

#7 - "Recycle your children now!"
November 16, 2020

The October edition of Pong Fiction is here... and late again as usual! (soz :) Co-host Luca and I finally took a trip to the cinema this month and saw Aaron Sorkin's oscar-hopeful 'The Trial of the C

September 30, 2020

Welcome to the September edition of Pong Fiction. Although we may not have initially anticipated it, there was a lot to talk about this month! This episode we have a chat about the newly redistributed

PF Awards Talk Special a.k.a. "In Bed with Nick" - Emmys - final predictions
September 20, 2020

Just a quick 25-minute final predictions episode for the 23 categories of the Emmy Awards. I give my picks, as well as a couple of joker cards to watch out for. Have fun, and I made sure to keep it as

#5 - "Gal Gadot is a 10" - with co-host Luca
August 31, 2020

New month, new episode, new format, new co-host. Pong Fiction is back with our August edition. Due to some changes, we welcome our new co-host Luca, former editor. And this episode is a bit more chill

#4 - "Ground control to Bernadette" - feat. Writer Charles, Editor Luca and Cousin Birrith
August 13, 2020

Pong Fiction: The July Edition is finally here (!), and despite the slight 2-week delay (sorry bout that...), this episode is our biggest and most GLORIOUS one yet, with a multiplicity of content -- b