Exasperating Farrago Of Distortions

Exasperating Farrago Of Distortions

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VaxPorts (Vaccine Passports) - Impending Normal?
June 20, 2021

Will you be requiring a passport to get into a Starbucks in near future? Let's find out...

E14 - Painting a Villain
June 20, 2020

A villain is not made, a villain is painted, with fine strokes. It's an art really.

E13 - East India Company to East of India, China
June 19, 2020

The whole thing is that ki bhaiyya sabse badaa rupaiyya.

E12 - Tippu Sultan of Mysore vs George Washington of America
June 18, 2020

The cause and effect relationship between the US war of independence and the gradual decline of Kingdom of Mysore.

E11 - Divide et Livorem Superem
June 17, 2020

EIC operation manual: Step 1: Divide Step 2: Conquer Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit Step 5: Repeat Step 1-4

E10 - Tiger of Mysore 'sends his regards'
June 16, 2020

Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan - Same same, but couldn't be more different.

E9 - Shahjahan's Succession - "My niece may die for my daughter lives"
June 15, 2020

We know Shahjahan and his love for Mumtaz, but we don't know the dead-bodies of Mughal princes and Emperors that were laid down to bring Shahjahan to the throne. 

E8 - EIC to You and I, hypocrisy is the only constant
June 13, 2020

Company Policy: Blame it all on Mughals, bury all of the Bengalis, buff up all the bank accounts in London.

E7 - A false alarm and the conquest of India
June 06, 2020

How misunderstandings led to beginning of British conquest in India, and why theFrench are to blame.

E6 - Taj Mahal - The Symbol of Hate
June 05, 2020

An alternate look at the monument known for Love worldwide. And the far reaching consequences it has had on the continent.