First Generation Dad

First Generation Dad

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I Write Podcasts Not Tragedies
February 16, 2024

Seven discusses the tragic events at the KC Chiefs Super Bowl parade, Super Bowl parties, and Valentines Day.

Challenge Yourself
February 02, 2024

In this episode, Seven discusses challenging yourself in personal growth and taking your own path for sustained success.

Advocating for Yourself
January 26, 2024

Seven discusses the importance of advocating for yourself and how it relates to self-compassion.**Not and ad** you can support our friends at Gunslinger Soap at if you're interested. We will do some giveaways once we reach 1k

Opening Up About the Struggle
January 19, 2024

In this weeks episode Seven discusses the importance of talking to our partners about our mental health struggles and how we can improve communication in our relationships by doing this.*not an ad* Don't forget to check out the Mindful Self-Compassi

A Meme and a Letter
January 12, 2024

Seven discusses a meme he saw about past mistakes and reads a letter he wrote to his past self that the meme inspired. Please check your home for onion cutting ninjas before during and after this episode.

Randomness and Kisses
January 07, 2024

Seven shares some random (allegedly funny) thoughts in the first episode of the new year along with discussing an article discussing a push in Australia on body autonomy that is teaching kids its okay to reject affection from adult family members.

Finding Your Community
December 16, 2023

In this episode, Seven discusses the importance of stepping out and finding YOUR community within your community.

Talking To Your Teens About Dating
December 09, 2023

Seven discusses the conversations we should be having with our kids about dating and why its so important.During the show Seven read a Piece by Cody Bret. You can see the original post on Facebook HERE:

Navigating the Holidays
December 02, 2023

Seven talks the recent break, how to navigate the holidays with your mental health needs, and the reunion of Pillar!Notes:Check out more info on 988 here: Merch and reunion show dates:

November 04, 2023

Seven talks hate and why we have to work to rid it from our livesShout out to the Morning Jive Podcast- Check them out at the website below and give them a follow on Twitter @Jiveshow