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Mizuma Conversations | Dialogue between Farah Wardani & Entang Wiharso⁣
October 09, 2020

"Wild, no hold- barred use of materials from eggshells, metal, and correct me if I’m mistaken – but I think this was the time you started to do highly elaborate performance works. This medium exploration is also parallel with your subject- matter at that

Mizuma Conversations | Dialogue between Anna-Catharina Gebbers & Agan Harahap
June 27, 2020

"Some people believe these stories you tell them, even if they only look at the pictures, they believe Rihanna was raised in Indonesia, and some others don’t. Do you think this makes people more vulnerable to hoaxes or to conspiracy theories as well? Th

Online Artist Talk | The Seeds We Sow
June 05, 2020

"Do you have any discomfort about aestheticizing nature for your art?" Adeline ChiaOn the evening of 22 May 2020, Mizuma Gallery hosted our first-ever online Artist Talk in conjunction with our ongoing exhibition "The Seeds We Sow". This live panel dis