Teaching Ears

Teaching Ears

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Teaching Ears Ep 9 - featuring Jessica Truong
November 26, 2021

In this episode we speak with music school owner, Jessica Truong who is founder and director of Learn Music Queensland, a piano teacher, entrepreneur and businesswoman. We talk about taking lessons while being a teacher, circle of 5ths training, starting

Teaching Ears - EP 8 - Rehearsing with the Ostriches with Drew Id Aka Drew Stephens
August 19, 2021

In this episode we speak with music artist, producer and music workshop facilitator, Andrew Stephens who has founded many Brisbane Bands including the renowned Kingfisha. We talk music workshops, cricket, 4zzz, the Zoo, dub, touring and workflows in a r

Teaching Ears Ep 7 - “Not playing the Bass Line” with Kellee Green
December 11, 2020

In this episode we speak with music educator and musician, Kellee Green who is a Jazz Pianist and Head of Music Department at a prominent school in Brisbane, Australia. She currently plays in bands such as The Andrew Butt Trio and the Pockets. We talk th

Teaching Ears - Ep 6 - Going Back Forever with Fred Leone A.K.A Rival MC
October 03, 2020

Fred Leone A.K.A Rival MC is a Butchulla Song Man of Kgari also known as Fraser Island. He’s a very respected community leader, musician, educator, curator of culture, performer, dancer as well as family man. He is a Project Manager, Creative Producer, Ar

Teaching Ears - Ep 5 - Inspiration stops when the tape recorder starts with Craig Kickbush
September 23, 2020

Episode 5 of “Teaching Ears” is now up featuring the very talented Bass man himself, Craig Kickbush A.K.A Craig Croonbush A.K.A one of the founding members of the Radsters with a musical career spanning many decades. We talk music teaching, Pink Floyd, Mo

Teaching Ears - Ep 4 - Momentum and Meaning with Canopy A.K.A Declan McMahon
September 12, 2020

Declan McMahon is a Piano Teacher, Producer, Composer, Recording Artist from Brisbane who also happens to be one my old piano students from 9 years ago. We discuss piano teaching, Pink Floyd, producing, wave forms, compression, the Italian language, Tame

Teaching Ears - Ep 3 - Peaking Early with Dallas Bentley
August 13, 2020

Our special guest today Dallas Bentley is an entertainer, singer, actor, producer and song writer from Brisbane Australia. We walk a few moments through his career and talk things Dance, Ballet,  Brentleigh Theatre Restaurant, Gender Politics, Dreamw

Teaching Ears - Episode 2 - Reacting like an Astronaut with Danny Tesla A.K.A Daniel Thompson
August 07, 2020

The man himself Danny Tesla more known to Brisbanites as Daniel Thompson talks us through his acting and entertainment career, veganism, Michael Jackson, social media life and the aspects of education that had an impact on him growing up.

Teaching Ears - Ep 1 - James Vincent talks Music Teaching, Records, Production, Composing, Djing
November 27, 2019

This first episode James Vincent speaks about the reason for doing Teaching Ears. This is a summary of the podcasts topics and how they cross paths. Its an intent of things to come. James is an educator, composer, dj, music enthusiast and entrepreneur!