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...Now This

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Expectations , Lanes & Awareness
August 23, 2020

This episode, I sat down with an old friend to speak about drawing the line between what's good for you vs being ok with what's for others. With Corona and all the new proceedures being put in place, we can find ourselves extra confused with the dating sc

July 10, 2020

This episode I'm sitting down chatting with some guys trying to understand how they choose to protect their feelings, keep women and know when to move on. We had technical difficulties and ended up using one mic and one computer but I hope you can hear al

The Lottery Ticket
June 05, 2020

First episode with a friend, Will, talking about the "HOE/DEAMON"phase of life and what comes out of it... is a good choice?, Wolves in sheeps clothing and maybe missing your lottery ticket thinking that all guys are the same?...let's chop it up here and