Kampot Quarantine Podcast (KQP)

Kampot Quarantine Podcast (KQP)

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Kampot Quarantine Podcast Episode 8 - Gustav Leijon; The Leijon between crazy and insane
July 09, 2020

"Your freedom stops, where my freedom begins" - Gustav Leijon Chat with Gustav: This Week is the One and Only; Gustav Leijon! Local Celebrity of Kampot, Cambodia! We discuss Gustav's self exile from Norway and his coming to South East Asia and the unique

Kampot Quarantine Podcast Episode 7 - Kentin "Teen" "Quarantino"; The Italian Frenchman
June 26, 2020

New week, new episode! This weeks Quarantino is Kentin 'Teen" from France! Chat with Kentin: Kentin "Teen" gives us a glimpse into introspection and quarantine and the acting we don't realize we perform in our daily lives. We talk about living simply and

Kampot Quarantine Podcast Episode 6 - Alba Fancini; L'Astrologa Medica
June 14, 2020

"Follow your heart, always, and everything can be possible. You just have to be on the right path"       - Alba Fancini Chat with Alba: This weeks Quarantina is Alba Fancini! We will discuss Alba's passion for naturopathy an

Kampot Quarantine Podcast Episode 5 - Antoine "AStonio" Cromback; The French Connection
June 03, 2020

Chat with Antoine: This week we hear the perspective of Kampot Quarantiner; Antoine "Astonio". Topics will include Antoine's late night banishment from a Vietnamese town and arrival in Cambodia and a brief recount of the first week of Quarantine and getti

Kampot Quarantine Podcast Episode 4 - Frank Nichols; Let Me Be Frank
May 27, 2020

Frank; (adjective) open, honest, and direct in speech Chat with Frank: Frank Nichols is our next Kampot Quarantiner, and in this episode we discuss Frank's time in Southeast Asia that led him to Cambodia and ultimately to Mama's River Bungalow and quarant

Kampot Quarantine Podcast Episode 3 - Flor Guitart; Guitart Lessons
May 25, 2020

"Take back your life! You cannot be obsessed about making more money"  -  Flor Guitart Chat with Flor: The next quarantina is Flor Guitart! We discuss the urge to breakout of quarantine and be free! and the underated need to make a comfortable n

Kampot Quarantine Podcast Episode 2 - Oriole Estape; El Pájaro Trepador
May 20, 2020

"When you say shit, you have shit in your mouth. Lets put down these vibes, you don't need your mind to be crazy" - Oriole Estape Chat with Oriole:  Quarantiner; Oriole Estape is next up! We discuss living and adapting with others, and appreciating t

Kampot Quarantine Podcast Episode 1 / Francesca Mamlin; The Nomadic Astrologer
May 18, 2020

Welcome to the Kampot Quarantine Podcast.  Here we'll be listening to the perspectives of 14 strangers from 7 countries, who found themselves unexpectedly quarantined together in a small town in Cambodia. We'll share their experience together and exp