Millennial Symphonies

Millennial Symphonies

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Death: An Islamic Perspective with Sheikh Mehdi Nawrozzadeh
July 22, 2020

In conversation with UK based Sheikh Mehdi Nawrozzadeh, to discuss the Islamic perspective of death in the midst of a killer virus pandemic.

Episode 03: In Conversation with Afghan Diplomat: Naveed Noormal on the Afghan- Iran Issue
July 01, 2020

Tonight we will be continuing the #StopKillingAfghans Movement with special guest Afghan diplomat, Naveed Noormal and discussing Afghanistan and Iran’s relationship and the critical issues surrounding the conflict and migration. We will also touch on Afgh

The Iranian Treatment of Afghans Migrants
June 10, 2020

Following the tragic incident where 14 Afghan migrants were burnt to death in Iran, the Iranian treatment of Afghan migrants stands as a serious violation of human rights. We discuss Iran’s actions, the scope of the abuses and a move towards achieving cha

Millennial Symphonies: An Introduction
June 05, 2020

Welcome to Millennial Symphonies. This episode marks the beginning of a journey that seeks to amplify the voices of the millennial diaspora through dialogue, discussion and collective healing.