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"Once you travel you listen to your intuition & self" - Sheetal | Capturing vibes with A_gonecase 22
August 21, 2021

Traveling solo across the world, without almost any money exchange. That, after thriving through an incurable auto-immune disease.   She is a warrior, a free spirit, living life in a flow, on the go. Her story gave me all the needed feels, left

"अपने बच्चो के ऊपर confidence और believe रखना बहुत ज़रूरी है" | Capturing vibes with A_Gonecase 21
July 31, 2021

What is unschooling? What would one do without school? What to do while unschooling? Why do people choose to unschool? If you have ever had or thought of any such questions, here's your chance to get a first-hand experience and answers from the family doi

"Education का purpose हमें अपने true nature के touch में लाना है" - Mr. Ayush || Capturing vibes with A_Gonecase 20
June 26, 2021

What does Independence really mean? Why are self-awareness and realizations important? What is the role of education? What is our ultimate goal as human beings? Along with the need to understand the current system and ourselves. The need to realize what r

"Don't be scared of anything" - Hareeta | Capturing Vibes with A_Gonecase 19
June 13, 2021

If sometimes how pure love and passion overpowers everything, had a character, she would be it.  And I mean it. When the returns are solely happiness and contentment to the level that it is what keeps you not only going but flying, she portrays it am

"Without struggles, it's not fun" - Mr. Mayur || Capturing Vibes with A_Gonecase 18
April 17, 2021

How do I start my own business? How can I get a job that lets me travel? Want to live a nomadic life? Be your own boss? Meet new people? Have fun?   Exploring self, exploring the world, starting one's own ventures, living a nomadic life. He has

ये नही हो सकता लिखने का ही नहीं है dictionary मै - Mr. Loukik || Capturing vibes with A_Gonecase 16
April 17, 2021

Can you make a good living in sports? Is there a future in fitness? What is the life of a professional football player in India? What are your options for a career as a sportsperson? Is there a sports career after a severe injury? What are the major value

"I couldn't stop smiling after my first clowning" - Ms. Sheetal | Capturing Vibes with A_Gonecase 15
October 23, 2020

Founder of Clownselors Ms. Sheetal Agarwal talks about her journey and experiences while she decided to embark on this journey of hope and spreading joy everywhere it is needed. Specifically in hospitals where people might need it the most.  Her stor

"An active lifestyle is your way to positivity & health"- Faria ||Capturing vibes with A_gonecase 14
September 27, 2020

Can hindrances in life turn into great opportunities? Are there easier ways to stay healthy? Does staying active affect your life? How important is an active lifestyle for your mental and physical well being? When is the right time to start looking after

अपने passion के लिए patience और persistence रखना ज़रूरी है -Akshay|Capturing vibes with A_Gonecase 13
September 05, 2020

Can you become successful in dancing without winning a reality show? How important it is to pursue your passion? Does following your heart makes you happy? Can you make a successful career in dancing? What are the important things to keep in mind when fol

"Age is really only a number" - Mrs. Archna | Capturing Vibes with A_Gonecase 12
August 01, 2020

A unique story of an extraordinary individual.  In conversation with Mrs. Archna Jain.  How old is old enough? Can you follow your dreams after 40? Can you become fit after 40? Can you lose weight after you get old? Do I have talent? Does practi