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How To Invest Intelligently with Subomi Plumptre
August 11, 2020

We talk with Subomi Plumptre, Co-founder of Volition Capital about the smartest ways to invest and how to avoid costly rookie mistakes. 

Special: How the coronavirus should change the stocks you buy and sell, and how it shouldn’t
July 22, 2020

On June 4th 2020, we had the first-ever Under The Bamboo Tree virtual event. Our guest was Rory Carron, the Head Analyst at MyWallSt. MyWallSt's star stock picks have averaged returns of 37.32% versus the Vanguard S&P Index’s 19.10%. Rory Carron share

The Business of Entertainment with Foza
July 21, 2020

We chat with Foza on what creators need to know about business and getting legal coverage as they take on new opportunities. 

Building a Business: Why organisational culture and identity makes or breaks businesses
July 09, 2020

A conversation with Nichole Yembra, Founder and Managing Director of the Chrysalis Company.

Breaking into Tech: From Startup to IPO with Fola Olatunji-David
June 26, 2020

We have a discussion with Fola Olatunji-David on the life cycle on tech companies. 

The Business of Money with Omotolani Ashiru
June 19, 2020

We discuss the A-Z's of managing money.

The Business of Football with Steve Dede
June 12, 2020

There’s more to football than just 22 men or women running around & kicking a ball, There’s Passion. A passion and a genuine love for the game that is felt amongst millions of people across the continent. We had a conversation with Steve Dede where we

The Technologies shaping the future of business and how we can invest in them with Fisayo Fosudo
June 08, 2020

Tech stocks are dramatically outperforming the wider markets in 2020, being the only sector with positive year-to-date returns. We have a conversation with Fisayo Fosudo about why that is.