“To be honest “w/Kyi

“To be honest “w/Kyi

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Lets normalize selflove
November 03, 2020

Weaponizing a distorted view of what selflove looks like because you can't identify is dangerous and non-productive.

I’m voting...and you are not because????
October 07, 2020

A stay woke call to voting. It’s important

Am I really petty?
October 03, 2020

Questioning are my needs petty. My love language is affirmation

I’m sorry Breonna Taylor
September 30, 2020

My thoughts on that sad verdict . JUSTICE FOR BREONNA TAYLOR!

September 23, 2020

Giving up your controlling behavior

So you can’t control who you love?
September 16, 2020

What in the Niecy Nash is going own!!!! My thoughts on can we control who we love.

Love and Marriage Huntsville chat...DEM HOLTS THO!!!
September 09, 2020

The rise, fall and redemption of Melody Holt hunty!!!!!

Wait...WHAT!!!! My marriage bootcamp rant!
August 26, 2020

My rant on how Dr. Ish handled Vado and Tahiry abuse issue.

For Tha Love of MONEY!!!
August 19, 2020

My true sense on the sweetie pie owner charged in the death of his nephew...smh