Digerati Unleashed

Digerati Unleashed

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Interview with David G. Clark on the Founding of TL;DR Press
September 22, 2020

TL;DR Press, operating as a charity publisher, directs all revenues from their collections to selected charities. The writing community that creates the content for the collections coalesced as an Internet group and continues to release new story antholog

Boosting Sales to $1000/Month as an Indie Author
September 15, 2020

Paul Austin Ardoin, author of the Fenway Stevenson mystery series, took years to finish his first mystery novel, but after that the series grew quickly. From a handful of sales following launch—mainly to friends, family, and co-workers—he steadily grew hi

Discovering Your Creative Nature
September 08, 2020

Creativity can be an elusive creature for writers and artists, and finding the best way to unbridle the imagination to craft creative works can sometimes feel impossibly hard. As an author and mentor in leadership skills, Sarah Lipton draws inspiration fr

A Visit to the Theater of the Mind
September 01, 2020

This interview with Richard Rieman—a veteran audiobook narrator, producer, and voice artist coach—explores the theater of the mind, the unique capabilities of audiobooks for bringing life, depth, and new dimensions to storytelling.  

The Path to a Best-Selling Audible Title
June 08, 2020

This interview with Scott McCormick, author of Rivals!: Frenemies Who Changed the World, discusses his experiences getting his print book converted to an audiobook to then become a best-selling Audible title.