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Insensitive! S2 Ep 6 - Please listen to Lou
October 12, 2022

Sight loss advocate Louise Plunkett a.k.a. Lou, had a long lasting impact on my day to day living and we chat together swapping yarns and stories.,

Insensitive! S2 Ep 5 - Up, up and away!
July 09, 2022

International travel is so much fun with a friend like Harry Cane.

Insensitive! S2 Ep 5 - up up and away,
June 10, 2022

International Traveller extraordinaire!

Insensitive! S2, Ep 4 - Planes, trains and cars but don’t forget the ferry!
August 20, 2021

Public transport travel assistance. Have you used it he is my experience.

Insensitive! S2 Ep 3 -What a Revelation!
June 30, 2021

Audiobooks love them or loath them? I am a new convert to this way of life and had a true revelation in my life from listening to one. Keto and me by Dr Ahmit Patel.

Insensitive! S2, Ep 2 - Giving up a career!
May 14, 2021

Facing the enormous challenge of giving up her dream, Holly Glen Gearhart talks to me about how sight loss impacted her life. My guest for this episode.

Insensitive! S2, Ep.1 - I’ve been jabbed!
April 02, 2021

My journey with sight loss navigating low vision clinic, vaccinating and more.

Insensitive Ep.7 It’s Christmas!
December 15, 2020

Abit of Christmas cheer and waffle. Music - jingle bells free copyright royalty free, Deck the halls Ennio Mamo, Epidemic Sound.

Insensitive Ep.6 -Macular Society -Colin Daniels.
November 16, 2020

macular society favourite – Colin Daniels chats about employment, guide dogs, and comedy!

Insensitive Ep. 5 Getting it together!
October 14, 2020

My reading secret revealed - Orcam.