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Lucas Schrodt - The Development Of New Work - Dreamer Talks 026
January 05, 2021

In this episode, we talk with Lucas Schrodt about the advancement of "new work". What's "new work"? Tune in to hear all about it from Lucas himself.----more----"Professionally, strategy and innovati

Maya Yizhaky - Digital Zen, Decluttering Your Digital Life - Dreamer Talks 025
December 31, 2020

Maya is a strategy consultant and business coach focused on digital & impact advisory for world-class organizations. Her clients are multinational corporations, government & international development

Harry Modlin - Walking Straight Into A Burning Building - Dreamer Talks 024
December 14, 2020

Harry Modlin is originally from New York, and has been a volunteer firefighter since he was in high school. In this episode we discuss the mental process one goes through to become a firefighter and t

Jonathan Davis - The Journey From Paratrooper To Head Of An International University - Dreamer Talks 023
December 07, 2020

Originally from a small town in South California (West Covina), Jonathan Davis decided to move to Israel when he was in his twenties and join the IDF in the special forces of the Paratroopers. In thi

Abraham Abadi - Global Denim and Family - Dreamer Talks 022
November 23, 2020

In this weeks episode, our guest is my grandfather Abraham Abadi. We talk about how my grandfather developed his business from selling different fabrics door to door to building his own denim factory

Robert Ouzen - Recovering from a tragedy and moving forward - Dreamer Talks 021
November 16, 2020

Robert Ouzen was an officer in the IDF and now works at The University of Haifa running the data and logistics of the entire university. In the episode he gets into detail abut his army service as wel

Guilhem Banc-Prendi - WeSea How Chorals Are The Key To Our Survival - Dreamer Talks 020
November 09, 2020

Originally from France, Guilhem Banc Prendi a marine biologists, arrived in Israel 4 years ago to embark on his adventure to study the choral reefs of Eilat. During his extensive research he saw a nee

Josh Buchalter - 5 Years Working On Cruise Ships - Dreamer Talks 019
November 02, 2020

Josh Buchalter decided to look within himself to make the right decision when it came to choosing what to do after high school, and once again soon afterwards. Despite his peers pursuing the typical p

Johnny Guindi - PS4 Simulator to Pro Race Car Driver - Dreamer Talks 018
October 26, 2020

Strap on tight into your drivers seat! This weeks guest is Johnny Guindi. Originally from Mexico City, Johnny climbed the ladder of motor sports, by starting out playing video games at his local mall

Benjamin Alerhand - Choosing Between Good Opportunities and Better Ones - Dreamer Talks 017
October 20, 2020

Originally from Mexico City, Benjamin Alerhand is a graduate from Berklee Collage of Music and has been playing music since he was 4 years old. In this episode we explore his journey in becoming the m