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August 28, 2021

This episode is honest, raw and too real. Loneliness is a complex phenomenon, it's relational and has to do with how connected we feel to others. Romantic Emotional loneliness in particular hits hard in singleness. Even though we are often not as vocal ab

Single women: Who is the one?
December 01, 2020

Singleness is a critical stretch of our journey through womanhood. A phase we cannot take for granted. We dare not lean on our own knowledge or understanding when choosing a spouse. We should allow God to determine HOW, WHEN and WHOM we exit this phase wi

ACING SINGLENESS: Shame and Other Things!!!
October 25, 2020

Single by choice,single in waiting or circumstantially single women do not need to be shamed. Singleness is a gift from God and so is marriage. There is nothing wrong with women who have chosen singleness. For the women looking forward to marriage, it is

September 26, 2020

Heartbreaks are emotionally draining and the journey to healing is not always easy. Nevertheless God loves us even in our broken state and with Him is an open invitation to come as we are . We need to know and always remember there is something unique abo

Girl, Rubies have got nothing on You!!!
July 17, 2020

In a world that is constantly changing its expectations; a woman's self-worth could face varying strains and challenges. While the world has It's own measures of a woman's worth, the true measure comes from God and He has priced you above RUBIES.

Transitions: who said different sucks?
July 06, 2020

Transitioning into a different life demands a whole lot. However? It can be done. Walk different, live different, stay different!!!

IDENTITY THIEF: Whose are you? Who are you?
June 18, 2020

Begin to take note of the identity stealers around you through the story of Ruth. Discover what a God given identity looks like and the process it takes to access it.

June 09, 2020

Live BOLD because God would never abandon you on a journey He sets you out on.