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The Lead Wasps Podcast

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Ssgt Jay Amra 047 | 1st Battalion, 6th Marines | United States Marine Corps
June 06, 2021

Ssgt. Jay Amra served in the United States Marine Corps from 2008 - 2017. He served two combat tours in Afghanistan and a third on the 22nd MEU while assigned to 1st Battalion, 6th Marines as a machine gunner. During these deployments, he progressed from

CSM Donald McAlister 046 | 82nd Airborne | US Army
May 23, 2021

CSM RET. Donald (Mac) McAlister served over 24 years in the US Army. He has multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, where he deployed from Squad Leader through SGM. He spent the majority of his career with the 82nd ABN DIV. While deployed wit

David Brooks 045 | 40 Commando | Royal Marines
May 15, 2021

Dave Brooks is a former Royal Marines Commando who served in 40 Commando and the United Kingdom Landing Force Command Support Group RM. Dave was on a training exercise in the Mediterranean with 40 Commando as part of the Amphibious Ready Group during the

Lt Col Perry Blackburn 044 | 5th Special Forces Group Airborne | US Army
May 09, 2021

Lt Col (retired) Perry Blackburn served in multiple roles throughout his time in the US Army. He spent a significant portion of his time with 5th SFG(A), deploying to multiple theatres including the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Perry was an ODA team

Chris VanSant 043 | 75th Ranger Regiment | 82nd Airborne | Delta Operator
May 02, 2021

Chris VanSant is a retired 20+ year Special Operations Veteran with service on four continents and in 17 countries. Chris's service includes time in the 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, the 82nd Airborne Division, and 11 combat deployments as

Capt Lars Hove-Olesen 042 | Danish Army, Jutland Dragoon Regiment | Journalist
April 25, 2021

Episode 42 is with Lars Hove-Olesen (Captain, retired) who served in the Danish Army from the early nineties until 2019 and in his time, he deployed both as a private and officer. His deployments have taken him to the Balkans and Afghanistan His military

Cope Wilson 041 | Canadian Special Operations Regiment - CSOR
April 18, 2021

Cope Wilson served with the Canadian Army deploying to Kabul before he passed selection and joined Canadian Special Operations Regiment - CSOR. He spent a number of years working a gun before moving on to becoming a JTAC and then a JTAC instructor. Cope s

WO2 Simon Hawken 040 | 2/4 RAR, Australian Army
February 28, 2021

Simon 'Hawks' Hawken served with 2/4 RAR (Royal Australian Regiment) and 2 RAR and spent 20 years running the gauntlet of mainstream Infantry roles from Section Commander, Recon Platoon Sergeant and more. He has a wealth of experience as well as some extr

Neil Davis 039 | Queens Own Highlanders | HUMINT Agent Handler
February 21, 2021

Episode 039 is with Neil 'Neilly' Davis who served with the British Army in the Queens Own Highlanders and JSG. Neil was an instructor at the Infantry Battle School, Brecon and had an envious Infantry career before transitioning to a new unit. JSG was a H

Clark Impastato 038 | US Navy SEAL | Team 5
February 13, 2021

Clark Impastato is a former US Navy Seal, serving with Team 5. He served 8 years active duty and later spent 4 years with 19th Group Special Forces. His post-military career consisted of high level Contracting in the Middle East AO, in areas such as Isrea