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Episode No. 3 - "Sister Elizabeth/Philly/Hockey Talk" & EDM Duo - HaruHaru performs "I Come, You Go"
November 02, 2021

Continued Conversation from Matt&Shay takes you on a ride with stops down Memory Lane, Philadelphia, & Canada + Letterkenny. Japanese EDM-Pop Duo -"HaruHaru" perform their Award Winning Dance Hit (2020) - "I Come, You Go!" | Please leave us a

Episode No. 2 - "Uncle Fred the Cat & Dog Nuts" + Icelandic Hit Song "Neo Geo" performed by Matthieū
October 22, 2020

Annnnd we are back! Chronic procrastination has temporarily subsided and we got more stuff to share. Fixed the crappy audio too, for now. Matt&Shay discuss Uncle Fred, COVID Updates, Matt's Garden & Dog Nuts. Acoustic Indie Channel Trance Rock E-Magazine

Episode No. 1 - "We Did It! Podcast Launched!" & Dr. Harvey Elephant performs "Vampire Weiner 2020"
October 15, 2020

The Dreamatorium that is Matt & Shay's Playhouse Podcast has begun! The boys discuss the origins of this adventure, Shay's Hurricane PTSD, and Matt prepares Grilled Salmon. Song by Dr. Harvey Elephant "Vampire Weiner 2020" | Leave us a voicemail @ https:/

Morning Garden/Garage Meditations with Matt - Episode No. 5 - Introducing Shane + Rick the Dick
July 25, 2020

Matt is relocated to the Garage for his Morning Meditations when Shane, Brother-in-Law & Negative Energy, comes to "visit" for awhile. Also, @$$hole neighbor Rick nags Matt again. Can Matt overcome his distractions? Can Matt harness his positivity and cha

Morning Garden Meditations with Matt - Episode No.4 ‐ Mother Nature
June 23, 2020

Today's segment is a straight money grab. 2 ads and even less actual content. Matt balances his harmonies with Our Mother Natue. Namaste. Leave us a voicemail @ --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor:

Morning Garden Meditations with Matt - Episode No. 3 - Furry Friends
June 17, 2020

Matt works on his serenity as he discusses Mother Nature, the Neighborhood Policy on Trash Cans, and plays catch with his dog. Soothe your mind with Matt. Leave us a voicemail @ --- This episode is sponso

"Manager Moment" ~ Shay: 1 - Karen: 0 (aKa 86'd 4 Life)
June 16, 2020

In this "Manager Moment" bonus episode from 6.15.20, Shay gets rewarded with Sweet, Sweet Karma after getting to 86 a terrible Karen Kustomer 4 Life. Leave your own restaurant stories @ --- This episode is sponso

"My Restaurant Life" Series - Trailer
June 15, 2020

CRAZY CHEFS - SLUTTY HOSTESSES - COKED UP BARTENDERS - CREEPY CUSTOMERS & SERVER DRAMA BULLSHIT and more make up one of the hardest but best businesses to be in. Shay will share personal stories and interview other hospitality workers on life in and out o

Morning Garden Meditations with Matt - Episode No. 2 - Gentle "Hammock"
June 14, 2020

Matt shows off his relaxing hammock and helps you relieve the normal stresses of the day, week, month or even your year. Leave us a voicemail @ --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way

Morning Garden Meditations with Matt - Episode No. 1 - "Peaceful" Garden Bird Situation
June 13, 2020

Matt introduces us to his Garden, a place where he offers soothing meditations and balance through appreciation and environmental care. Also, nature's choir serenades our host with harmonious song. Leave us a voicemail @