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The Business of Golf: “Golf coaching for ego or for the future”
October 29, 2020

It is an interesting time at the moment as COVID 19 has actually given the golf industry a much-needed boost to rounds numbers and a general interest in golf. Is it more a false economy and when things get back to “normal” we will lose our players/members

Rounds are booming – the future is in your hands – What next?
October 23, 2020

Earlier this month Golf Australia released its rounds update for YTD August 2020. Noting heightened restrictions in place in Victoria, there is certainly a rounds boom occurring in the rest of the country with the boom particularly evident over the last f

“SURVIVE & THRIVE: Insights and Tactics from the longtimers”- (LIVE PANEL)”
August 13, 2020

“SURVIVE & THRIVE: Insights and Tactics from the longtimers”- (LIVE PANEL)” This one-hour interactive panel discussion, hosted by Club Marketing Specialist Mike Orloff, will be a Q/A with some of the club industry’s long term managers. They will be di

Michael Leemhuis: “Shaping YOUR personal Future” … Characteristics and Traits of SUCCESSFUL Private Club Leaders”
June 25, 2020

GICTV was very fortunate to have a great friend of the golf industry Down Under, (Michael Leemhuis, MA. Ed., CCM, CCE, PGA) offer to spend some time with us discussing a very timely topic during the crisis we have all been facing. What are the characteris

“Golf Marketing Content is King, Engagement is Queen- (LIVE Q/A)
June 22, 2020

“Content is King, Engagement is Queen” The key to good marketing is to have strong, engaging, and relevant content for your particular audience. In most cases, your audience will digest their content in many forms and through channels outside traditio

“Golf’s Great Reset – Risk Management in a Covid 19 World”
June 07, 2020

Which risk approaches will last, which will fade, and which will change? The never-before-seen risk of Covid-19 (and potentially other new viruses in the future) is with us as the new “norm” moving forward. Mike Orloff will facilitate a conversation s

Gregg Patterson: “Social KPIs and the Pursuit of CLUB in the Post Virus World”
June 06, 2020

Now more than ever, members and staff need to feel The Warm Embrace. Managers and staff who create Emotional Cement, who do Social KPIs right, who create a Community of Caring, will “do good” during The Virus Madness. Questions need answering—What a

Jeff Blunden GBAS Covid 19 Australian Golf Club Impact Study – May 2020 (WEBINAR)
May 14, 2020

Golf Business Advisory Services has released its Covid-19 Golf Club Impact Report. Detailing the impact on subscription fees, member numbers, club revenues & profit, future capital spending, and providing insight into confidence held for recovery, the