High School Daze

High School Daze

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S2 E23 - Jordan Alvarenga
April 13, 2021

To wrap us Season 2 I spoke with Jordan, a former student of mine. Jordan continues to follow his artist heart after earning his Bachelors of Fine Art from the Art Institute of San Francisco. He continues to paint, draw, and more recently work on ceramic

S2 E22 - Reyes Padilla
March 19, 2021

Reyes Padilla is known for his artwork that incorporates his relationship with synesthesia. I am colorblind and have always been drawn to his work as it begs to question, reflect, and build an understanding of what we see and what could be. Reyes is a nat

S2 E21 - Vanity Diaz
March 06, 2021

Vanity joins the podcast from Orlando, Florida. She is the second guest that I have met on Clubhouse. She was sharing her story one day about the role comic books had on her childhood and I felt inclined to invite her on the podcast. We talk about generat

S2 E20 - Kristin Chapapas
February 25, 2021

Kristin is a fellow art educator in Albuquerque. She joins the podcast to speak about her love for ceramics, pottery, and sewing. We also talk about the challenges we face currently and some of our hopes for the future of art education. She has amazing ce

S2 E19 - Happy Impulse
February 19, 2021

Happy Impulse joins the podcast from Atlanta, Georgia. Having hopped around the country she talks about her experience as an artist and how showing up, sometimes is enough.She shares how through loss she has grown into who she is now. A huge shoutout to

S2 E18 - Nisa Touchon
February 09, 2021

Nisa joins the podcast to talk about her experience creating non-fictional video content. This episode of the podcast is one that I feel can hopefully help so many people as we grapple during a global pandemic with loss, anxiety, grief... but also strengt

S2 E17 - Jaycee Beyale
January 30, 2021

Jaycee joins the podcast from Colorado where he is a screen printer. Originally from Farmington, New Mexico he shares his experience growing up and how older siblings inspired him to follow art through graffiti. I have been lucky enough to paint alongside

S2 E16 - VegasJason
January 21, 2021

VegasJason joins the podcast from you guessed it... Las Vegas! We met virtually through The Most Famous Artist Community, started by Matty Mo (also a former guest). I also appreciate VegasJason on the Clubhouse app where he shared a wealth of knowledge an

S2 E15 - Chris Shelton of Reviver Printing
January 15, 2021

Chris is one of my favorite people to hang out with and shoot the poop. He is based out Las Cruces, New Mexico where he is owns and runs Reviver Printing. I can recall hanging out till the wee hours of the night and morning as he prepared screens, set up

S2 E14 - Bearface
January 09, 2021

Bearface comes on the podcast to talk about his calling to do art and work with his hands at a young age. He also shares his about his experience being a social butterfly that also likes being alone. We also talk about branding, fatherhood, and graffiti.