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a heart bigger than my sanity could carry
January 31, 2024

a full narration:

aku tidak cantik
June 21, 2023

hi everyone, it's been a veeeeerrry long time. and here i am back with a papercrap new ep. actually i've been writing quite a number in medium, and incase you want to read it you can go to my medium account. i also have the full script for this ep

are you.. unlovable?
January 06, 2022

discussion two of naked conversation: are you... unlovable?let me know your thought after hearing this! feedback and comment would be very much appreciated! :)

October 16, 2021

papercrap: let's talk about your insecurities and the cause that you avoid. 

si asing yang baik
September 07, 2021

bahasa bagian satu, 1st Sept 2021, 10pm

crush; am i worthy?
June 11, 2021

discussion one of naked conversation, crush; am i worthy?

May 17, 2021

in between talk and laughsin between silence and tearsin between hi and byein between crossed and missedin between acceptance and rejectionseveral monologues were flooded by your insecurities and anxietiesyour depression, bad days, unable to eat, to

you are not as kind as you think you are
April 22, 2021

you know,it's funny how human feels that they are too good for this worldit's funny how human thinkthey don't deserve to get hurtit's funny becausebecause they knowthe caused of their painis caused by another humanin another word,they also hurt

bar of sadness
July 14, 2020

when was the last time you let yourself loose in being sad? let's talk about the validation of your sadness they told us to be happy, just because happiness exists. it isn't always about you they say. you have to be happy. be happy. but, when you answer

being a life dealer
June 06, 2020

having question and answer, having emotions and feelings empty, being mad and furious. understanding acceptance and feeling unfair. questions and answers, emotions and empty, being mad and furious.I think human always ever hit this one button, star