Man's Machinations

Man's Machinations

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The Search for a Meta-Narrative
July 08, 2020

Biologist Edward O. Wilsons book Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge, written in 1998, provides the background to this episode, which considers the differences between the Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Hard Sciences, and whether they can

Living in a Mythopoeia: Part II
June 15, 2020

Anthropologist Bruno Latours article Why Has Critique Run Out Of Steam? (originally published in Critical Inquiry, 2004), is the focus of this episode, and its background is the Science Wars which began when scientists criticized the work of certain

Living in a Mythopoeia: Part I
June 01, 2020

In our first two episodes, Living in a Mythopoeia Part I and II, we discuss foundational principles: how can we understand the world, and where has modern philosophy gone wrong? What is the relationship between culture, including a set of shared myths,...