Living thru Lockdown

Living thru Lockdown

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Episode 4 - Communication microskills
June 24, 2020

Online video meetings are still the dominant form of getting teamwork done right now. MS Teams & Zoom are likely to remain a vital part of how we work for many months to come, and possibly for even longer. They are also likely to be the new normal...

Episode 3 - Think about unlocking
June 18, 2020

People are thinking about their return to work. Many admit they are worried about levels of covid security, the risk of using public transport, and what "the new normal" may be like. Nobody knows what it will be like for sure, and uncertainty is...

Episode 2 - Online video meetings
June 12, 2020

During lockdown, we have seen a massive growth in the use and reliance of online video meeting platforms. Many people have had to quickly adapt to using these platforms for the first time. Professor Hugh Koch & Professor Craig Jackson discuss how...

Episode 1 - Working at Home
June 05, 2020

During lockdown, it has come to pass that a worker's home is not just their castle, but also their office. Professor Hugh Koch & Professor Craig Jackson discuss how to organise working life while stuck at home during lockdown.