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Answering Questions from Rejections to Teleportation
October 18, 2023

I answer questions from... you guessed it - 6 months ago. This is an old archived episode we hope you enjoy! If you have any questions you want to submit to the podcast, feel free to send a voice note here Send us an email on this address for any busin

It Gets Worse from Here and Fanfictions
May 30, 2022

This episode, I talk about my fanfic era and how I think life just snowballs from here on out.Share your stories:Instagram: @mawimeySend me a voice note here.

The Hey Girl Hey Experience
February 17, 2022

Ever sent or received the infamous "Hey girl hey" message while dating someone you thought was exclusive? This episode dives into my experiences as a receiver and we read some of your entries as well. Brought in my back up for the episode, you can find h

Finding Out You're Mentally Ill
October 13, 2020

This episode was recorded twice on different months but let's talk about finding out about how you're not lazy, you're just depressed.  Send us an email on this address and tell us your stories or anything really... except for well

Best/Worst Dates, Crying at Serenitea and Free Movie Tickets
July 22, 2020

On this episode, I've invited one of my closest friends JC Javier who is also part of the development of this podcast - to talk about our crazy date stories, hobbies, art and career, and funny stories at the mall. We also delve into the questions you sent

Podcasts and Ghosting
June 08, 2020

For their draft slash episode zero, Mao talks about how and why they started a podcast and then dips her toes into the topic of ghosting. HELP OUT LINKS: