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Tech in the future. Should you be concerned?
June 03, 2022

In this episode, we discuss tech and how it affects our lives.  

Dealing with unhappy customers
June 01, 2022

Dealing with unhappy customers

Two months in Uganda, what I have learned.
January 14, 2022

I have spent the last 2 months in Uganda. Here is what I observed.

More is not better, better is better
October 21, 2021

Derrick and Josh is back again to discuss consumerism, minimalism and why having more options is not always better

Letters from space.
October 18, 2021

A story about my first crush

Jack of all trades
October 11, 2021

In this episode I share my opinion on why being a jack of all trades isnt always the worst thing.

Parental relationships.
October 07, 2021

At 5am, On our way to New Hampshire this topic came up and there was no way we were not gonna share it. With Derrick and Josh

Finding inspiration as a creative
October 06, 2021

In this podcast we discuss how we find inspiration and motivation to create. In a way everything was inspired by something. Enjoy

Building and publishing creative projects
September 30, 2021

In this podcast we discuss the challenges of building and publishing creative projects. Josh share about his new photo book coming out soon as I share about my film Uganda We Rise that came out earlier this year.

September 29, 2021

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