10 on Tech

10 on Tech

089  – The Cloud and the Pandemic

June 22, 2020

Coronavirus has taken a terrible toll on the world, and changed everything. On the IT side, one of the most obvious ways things have changed is the “new normal” of cloud computing moving to the center of operations.

Even when business starts to return, there will be more remote work than ever being done, and it’s likely to be a permanent situation. That means a need for cloud solutions that foster remote collaboration.

That’s the topic under discussion on this episode of “10 on Tech” with ActualTech Media Partner James Green. Joining James are two Panzura executives: Jill Stelfox, Executive Chairwoman & CEO, and Rich Weber, President & Chief Product Officer. They chat about what this new world will look like, and how to make sure that your users can effectively work together, no matter where they are.

Highlights of the show include:

* How the novel coronavirus has upended traditional ways of doing IT
* Why things will never completely return to the way they were
* Common myths about workloads that can’t be moved to the cloud
* The necessity of making sure remote workers can be just as efficient and productive as those at headquarters
* The solutions Panzura offers to get remote work done better

Resource links from the show:

Panzura homepage -- https://panzura.com/

Schedule a Panzura demo -- https://panzura.com/demo/

Panzura industry solutions and use cases -- https://panzura.com/solutions-now/

Panzura resource page -- https://panzura.com/resources/

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