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My Ego Death Monologue
August 23, 2023

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Dharma Talk on Emotions
June 15, 2022

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Vision Purpose & Identity Will Make You Limitless
June 08, 2022

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Start Small Keep Going
May 25, 2022

Start Small Keep GoingMindfullyBri.comMental health habits are more about consistency than anything else, in this episode I share a few places you can get the ball rolling. --- Support this podcast:

Practices of a Healthy Mind
May 19, 2022

MindfullyBri.comPractices of a Healthy MindThere is no end goal to meditation. It is a practice meant to be applied throughout your life. The more you practice the better you become at practicing stillness and in this episode, I help you do just that.&n

Having an Awakened Depression Pt 2
May 11, 2022 Instagram1:27 types of coping mechanism3:41 Pattern Interruption practices6:07 Emotional Eating pros and cons9:15 Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms11:44 How to make better choices13:51 Learning to Listen to your intuition19:14 Reca

Having an Awakened Depression PT 1
May 04, 2022

MindfullyBri.comInstagramPT 1: Cycles, Patterns, Escapism, & Acceptance1:09 having an awakened depression episode's topic3:52 what I'm offering right now (email + meditations)5:30 this episode may not be for you6:17 here's my story9:50 Escapism

There's always another side to the coin of life
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Forgiving Your Past to Improve Your Future
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Love vs Fear: Believing is Seeing
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