Audio Anarchy

Audio Anarchy

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Listen for the BEECH
May 09, 2020

Tim N. introduces Uriah M. This man is spiritually above all of us, pay close attention and you'll understand why. It gets really gross so be prepared, because funky toes and sexual intercourse with sandwiches are just a comforting start.

Mom's Disappointment
April 06, 2020

Four episodes in and we already have hate mail! I'm so very proud of us. Listen to Tim tell Val about his dream that puts her to sleep, as well as how he disappoints his poor mother. In this episode we do suck penis, and will trigger at least one person.

My Little Pussy
March 30, 2020

Kevin K. and Tim finally introduce Dylan B. on this disturbing episode. Seriously, this content is sick. Not suitable for work. Explicit. The boys talk about their new show, "My Little Pussy", talk briefly on relationships, and teach Kev about gamer girl

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
March 30, 2020

Kevin K. co-hosts with Tim to talk about cam-girls and Tinder. One thing's for sure, these hoes for everybody.

What It's Like To Be Asian
March 30, 2020

Val D. co-hosts and wants to tackle social injustice; Tim wants to tackle her being Asian. Who's laugh will win? And yeah, we vape.

Pilot: People Think We're Gay
March 30, 2020

Tyler R. is the gayest co-host thus far, considering it's the first episode. Tim and Tyler talk about insecurities, step-dads, and most importantly, people calling them gay. We hope you hate the laughing as much as we do!