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Who's Left and Who's Leaving by Lipstitch
September 16, 2020

Bellingham power-pop quartet LipStitch released their debut full-length album, Who's Left and Who's Leaving, on September 4, 2020. In this episode of Talking Tracks, Dan and LipStitch break down the meaning behind and the making of each song on the album

Epilogue by RX
August 08, 2020

Seattle pop singer-songwriter RX released his debut full-length album, Epilogue, on August 7. In this episode of Talking Tracks, Dan and RX break down the meaning behind and the making of each song on the album — a highly relatable body of work about lov.

Nicolle Swims of Black Ends
June 28, 2020

Nicolle Swims is the frontperson of Black Ends, a Seattle "gunk-pop" trio. The group's upcoming EP, Stay Evil, drops July 15, and the lead single off the four-track release, "Monday Mourning," premiered on KEXP on June 17. In this episode, we chat with N.

Thomas Arndt of Another Magic
May 24, 2020

Another Magic, the project of homegrown Seattleite Thomas Arndt, released the second single off its upcoming album, "Set It Off," this month, in preparation for the band's debut album, SUNUNDERWATER/UNDERWATERSUN. The art-pop project uses found-object pe.

Tobias The Owl
April 12, 2020

Tobias The Owl's new album, Visalia, couldn't have dropped at a more apt time. The eight tracks spell out a story of isolation and loneliness — but with an uplifting undercurrent that says even when we feel alone, we're in it together. In this month's ep.

Cameron Brownell of Biddadat
March 30, 2020

Neo-funk three piece Biddadat released their second full-length album on March 6, 2020, the self-titled Biddadat. The 11-track release revolves around the pangs of youth — and the growing apart from them we all experience as we get older. In this episode.

Chris Meyer of Our Dead Fathers
December 01, 2019

Chris Meyer is the lead vocalist for soft-rock (or, as the band has dubbed it, "bootgaze") group Our Dead Fathers. Their latest LP, Ourdeadfathers II, drops December 21.Stream and follow Our Dead Fathers:Bandcamp:

Jonas Haskins of Low Hums
November 01, 2019

Jonas Haskins is the frontman and lead songwriter for Seattle psychedelic-rock group Low Hums. The band's fifth album, Zzyzx, named after a California town where guitarist Miles Panto's van once broke down, drops November 8th.Stream and follow Low Hums:..

Amanda Winterhalter
October 01, 2019

Amanda Winterhalter is a bluesy, gothic-Americana singer-songwriter out of Seattle. Her new LP, What's This Death, drops October 4th, following the lead single of the same name.Stream and follow Amanda Winterhalter:Spotify:

Arthur James of Lyle
September 06, 2019

Arthur James is the co-founder of Lyle, a seven-piece art-rock band out of Seattle. Formed between James and Lana McMullen in the spring of 2017, Lyle is releasing their debut EP, Coward, on September 22nd, 2019. Stream and Follow Lyle!Lyle Band https...