Talkin' Bout Practice

Talkin' Bout Practice

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Ca$h Me Out ”That Raw Uncut”
March 30, 2023

No edits, we just ramble on about America, the Warriors and Jon's wavering fandom "light the beam". How's your bracket? Should Jon hedge his Final Four pick? Do's and Do nots of a bachelor party weeke

Ca$h Me Out ”Legends”
March 24, 2023

The boys discuss the Warriors playoff chances and potential moves this offseason. We break down our not too broken brackets. Are we happy with the Niners offseason moves and should we start watching L

The Tourney Tour
March 14, 2023

The NCAA Tournament starts this week! We discuss the death of the blue bloods and why the best prospects aren't playing in college basketball right now. We talk Western Conference playoff chances and

Ca$h Me Out I had a Step Dad for a cup of coffee
March 11, 2023

The boys breakdown the Golden State Warriors chances this post season. We then celebrate Kurt Kityama's first tour win, before AB & Jon try and lure Jarreau into golf fandom. AB and Jon breakdown thei

The We Need Ja Tour
March 11, 2023

We celebrate Chico local legend Kurt Kityama's Arnold Palmer Classic Tournament win! We need Ja, where is Ja? We discuss the Ja Morant drama and explore the impact this may have on the Grizzlies the r

Ca$h Me Out Jon’s Trolling Again
February 04, 2023

Jon abruptly starts the show just to troll Aaron and Jarreau about the Niners. We discuss the Niners season and awkward QB situation going into the offseason. Jalen Hurts doesn't flinch, Patrick Mahom

Ca$h Me Out New Year Same Dudes
January 13, 2023

Is Jon the Skip Baylis of our friends? Jon vehemently denies this claim, then gives zero evidence of his baseless claim that the Denver Broncos will win a Super Bowl before the 49ers. We discuss the h

The Terminal Velocity Tour
January 03, 2023

We are back and broken hearted over the Michigan loss. Good news Ohio State lost too. Week 17 in the NFL recap. Fut in Mouth, Derek gets you caught up on The Premier League. We also have a BOGO specia

Ca$h Me Out 3
December 22, 2022

Do Tims remind you more of Jay-z or Dipset? We spend way too much time talking Giants baseball and the mess involved around the Carlos Correa signing or lack there of. More Brock talk. The Golden Stat

The Add a Little Pizzazz Tour
December 20, 2022

GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!!!! We start with a beautiful rendition of "Fut in Mouth" where Derek compares the World Cup Final to murder in the streets, sex workers, and American soldiers storming the