As I Was Saying

As I Was Saying

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Ep - 81 - B-n-C-n-S - Mediocre Cigars and Burbons!
September 07, 2023

Going out with a whimper, here's the last Booze a…

Episode 170 - So Long and Thanks For All The Fish!!
September 07, 2023

This is it . . . THE END. The very last episode …

Episode 169 - Front Row Seat to the Decline of Western Civilization!
July 21, 2023

Rob and Les follow up on the situation stemming f

Episode 168 - Going to Hell in a Submarine and Other Topics.
July 06, 2023

This week, Rob and Les talk about spending money

Episode 167 - Dinner at Louis'
June 23, 2023

Rob has a sit down with his boss' boss at Louis'

Episode 166 - Problems at Work, Vegan Injustice Revisted, and Domer Gomer Defense.
June 02, 2023

This week the guys discuss Rob's issues at work,

Episode 165 - Ruined for You?, Free Hasbullah!, and Paratrooper's Hail Mary.
May 19, 2023

This week the guys discuss stars that may have be

Episode 164 - Just Go Accoustic, Gas Up Your Ass, and Whatever Happened to......
May 04, 2023

This week the guys discuss life at the modern mal

Episode 163 - Moving Sucks, the Magic is Gone, and Midlife Crisis.
April 21, 2023

This week the guys discuss Les's impending move,

Episode 162 - A New Liturgy for the P-n-Ps and a Bunch of Other Stuff.
April 06, 2023

This week the guys discuss Palm Sunday Mass, the