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The Basics of Governance, Risk and Compliance
April 04, 2022

The goals and needs of IT and Cybersecurity are different. IT is more focused on uptime and keeping systems running. Cybersecurity is focused on reducing the risk of data breaches, ransomware and other negative impacts from threat actors. The holistic app

DoD CMMC and Executive Orders Explored
February 28, 2022

The US government has made cybersecurity a key focus for national security. As such, different organizations within the Government have issued guidance related to to cybersecurity standards. The impact of these actions and what it means for private organi

How to Protect Digital Assets in the Metaverse
February 14, 2022

The blockchain, cryptocurrency, tokenization, social media, gaming, and the metaverse have created a new class of assets unique to the digital world. These assets have made many rich, but they are vulnerable to theft and fraud. We discuss this topic with

Adversary Emulation: Know Thy Enemy and Know Yourself
January 24, 2022

Organizations should understand what happens when they are breached, in order to measure the value or their tools and understand how long it takes for them to detect threat actors. SCYTHE is an Adversary Emulation tool that enables organizations to do thi

Cybersecurity in 2021 Recapped
December 07, 2021

We covered the top trends and stories from 2021 in the world of cybersecurity and related topics in this episode. Read the accompanying blog for links to the articles mentioned and charts of the trends:

Security and the C-Suite
November 16, 2021

LogRhythm recently released a report on 'Security and the C-Suite: Making: Security Priorities Business Priorities'. In the report, they evaluated the influence of security leaders in enterprise organizations. LogRhythm Chief Security Officer an

The SASE Leader Explains Secure Access Service Edge
November 02, 2021

The term Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) was coined in 2019 to describe an emerging security and network framework. Since then, the term has taken off with many companies marketing their solutions as part of the SASE concept.Our guest for today’s episod

Securing Active Directory
October 19, 2021

Nearly every computer that runs Windows has Active Directory (AD). This structure helps organizations manage user identities, privileges, and much more. The power that AD has means threat actors are often targeting it to execute attacks. Our guest for the

Social Engineering
October 04, 2021

The root cause of untold cyber attacks is the age-old technique of social engineering. KnowBe4 Security Awareness AdvocateJames McQuiggan joins the episode to lend his expert analysis and insight. We discuss the concepts of social engineering and how cyb

CipherCAST - SASE - Como conciliar rapidez de resposta e proteção de dados.
September 30, 2021

Neste episdio, falamos sobre SASE Como conciliar rapidez de resposta e proteo de dados. Para essa conversa, convidamos o Renato Jager, o nosso CTO LATAM na Cipher.Oua agora e fique por dentro de mais um episdio!