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45: SPF Season
April 30, 2022

In this short and sweet episode, we talk skincare, hot yoga, and email inboxes. Sound like an odd combination? That's because it is. Our segues were random if none existent, but when aren't they?(Apologies for the sketchy audio situation)Follow us on @h

44: Make It Make Sense
April 16, 2022

Sometimes we're just tired. In this episode, Poonam shows us why we don't record on a Friday.Includes the expensive lifestyle of office working, Gupshup sandwiches, Bella Hadid's hair follicles, Bollywood's newest power couple and we even have a 'Games

43: Diluted Diversity and Dirty Dinners
April 02, 2022

If you hadn't noticed, we seem to have developed a habit of going off on tangents, and this week is no different. Join us as we delve into TV's latest diversity trend which takes us onto nostalgic, and sometimes concerning, childhood and comfort foods. Tr

42: Ticks, Nits and First Class Trips
March 19, 2022

This week we take you on quite the journey as we ramble away about our experiences with ticks, nits, flying and a whole lot of crying.Follow us on @honestea.pod. Contact us at honestea.pod@gmail.comSTACEY: @staceyharris27MIA: @mi.westonPOONAM: www.mv

41: Money Money Money
March 06, 2022

This week, a new lease of financial freedom for Poonam triggered us to delve into all things personal finance. From credit scores to resisting the urge to splurge, we share our experiences with saving and splashing cash.  Follow us on @honestea.pod. Conta

40: Entitled A**holes
February 19, 2022

Join us for round 2 of "Am I the a**hole?". We get a little more heated this time as we have to agree to disagree on a couple of scenarios. There's less literal a**hole talk this time, but still a little incontinence thrown in for good measure! Follow us

39: Rest
February 05, 2022

Breathe. Relax. Take a second.Brew a chamomile tea and join us for a chat about all things rest, recoup, and recovery. Is rest a luxury? How good are we at switching off? What is rest to you?Follow us on @honestea.pod. Contact us at honestea.pod@gmail.

38: "Am I the A**hole?"
January 22, 2022

Are we conditioned to be too nice? Should we let ourselves retaliate with creativity and plenty of vim? Join us this episode for Honestea's take on "Am I the a**hole?".PSA: Brace yourselves for a lot of a**holes - in the literal and figurative sense. (Ma

37: ...Back Again?
January 08, 2022

2021 was the year of the non-truth, and at Honestea we paid homage to that by disappearing immediately after our supposed return. But we're back... back again. Usher in 2022 with us. Talking points include intention, creation, curls and JVN. Follow us on

36: Guess Who's Back
October 16, 2021

Missed us? After an extended break, we're back on our bs! We finally managed to get back into the studio which means only one thing: more tangents and segways than usual. Join us for a catch up, and brace yourself for everything from aging to taxis to squ