Your Space Journey

Your Space Journey

TOP GUN: MAVERICK - Aerial Coordinator & Camera Pilot Kevin LaRosa II

June 29, 2022

Kevin LaRosa II is the Aerial Coordinator & Camera Pilot for Top Gun: Maverick. He’s one of Hollywood’s most sought-after pilot and aerial coordinators, licensed to fly a variety of aircraft ranging from helicopters and airplanes to Learjets and more. He’s known for his work on major blockbusters including Ironman, The Avengers, and Transformers 5. Kevin is an accomplished ATP rated pilot in a multitude of fixed wing and rotorcraft, and works heavily in the motion picture and television industries worldwide coordinating and directing film sequences in the air and on the ground.

Kevin joins me in this interview to discuss his career and his latest work which can be seen in Paramount’s Top Gun: Maverick.