Wrong Side of the Pond Podcast

Wrong Side of the Pond Podcast

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#Pondcast: Cash Money Podcasters
December 01, 2021

An international break and Thanksgiving travels combined to keep the guys away from the mics for a few weeks. But D.J. and Jeremy are back with bling to chat to talk about Ole Gunnar Solsjkær’s intere

#Pondcast: Cincinnati is the center of the soccer universe
November 10, 2021

A seismic week awaits in here in the Queen City, with the U.S. men’s national team and Mexico doing battle in World Cup qualifying in Cincinnati for the first time at TQL Stadium. As you might expect,

#Pondcast: Failing upwards
November 04, 2021

It was an news-filled week for at least one half of the #Pondcast team this week, as D.J.’s Spurs made some waves in the managerial space after losing to Manchester United and their underfire manager.

#Pondcast: What power we yield
October 27, 2021

After willing Steve Bruce’s axing into existence on last week’s show, Jeremy and D.J. again attempted to push the scales of reality by talking at length about who might replace the stumbling Ole Gunna

#Pondcast: Bye-bye Brucey
October 20, 2021

There’s always a lot to talk about after taking off the international break, and things are no different this week as D.J. and Jeremy reconvened for another weekly dose of soccer podcasting. On the ag

#Pondcast: Oops I did it again
October 12, 2021

Yes, D.J. forgot to publish the podcast again. But that kinda works out this time, given it’s an international break and the guys are taking their normal two-week sabbatical anyway. So just think of t

#Pondcast: The emperor has no clothes
September 29, 2021

Another manager has had to face Gary’s mythical guillotine at FC Cincinnati, as former great Jaap Stam was dismissed after the team’s dismal display of form since his appointment in May of 2020. And o

#Pondcast: Who is better than Chelsea?
September 23, 2021

We said there would be a quick turnaround in-between episodes, and we delivered. The guys reconvened to catch back up with all the most-recent happenings in the English top-flight, including a close l

#Pondcast: Blame it on Norm
September 21, 2021

In case you missed it, comedic legend Norm Macdonald passed away last week. Sure, that has nothing to do with soccer. But let’s blame the tardi nature of this week’s episode on the grief the guys expe

#Pondcast: Kits and Hammers
August 27, 2021

Thanks to the rise of the dreaded coraonavirus — this time inside the Lance household — this week’s episode goes back to a virtual setting. But the guys were still able to hold their annual review of