WISE WOMEN SPEAK: Giving Voice to the Wisdom in Women. Creating a life you love fueled by insight, i

WISE WOMEN SPEAK: Giving Voice to the Wisdom in Women. Creating a life you love fueled by insight, i

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No Doubts, No Thinking, Just Do It! Conversation with Maria Iliffe-Wood
March 19, 2019

Wise Women Speak to Maria Iliffe-Wood, leadership coach, author, and speaker about how powerful the ordinary-ness of wisdom is as the source of all our answers. Trust what's happening and follow your instincts. No doubts, no thinking, just do it. You hav.

Communication and Change in the Era of Social Media. Conversation with Luann Edwards
March 04, 2019

Wise Women Speak with Luann Edwards, social media marketing expert, travel adventurer and life long learner as she shares her path to entrepreneurship and how social media can change the way you communicate with the larger world. Luann Edwards is the fo..

When Wisdom Speaks, Pay Attention! Conversation with Christine Higgins
February 24, 2019

Christine Higgins, a certified IHEART facilitator, teacher, and consultant helping people realize the power and intelligent design of the mind, shares with us how innate wisdom speaks to you at any age and the profound difference listening to it can make.

The AHA! Moment. How it changes everything you see.
February 13, 2019

When you open your aperture to let in more light it’s possible to see something completely new, something you couldn't see before. It’s in the AHA! moment that you can see that things are not always what you thought them to be. And what’s the value of th.

Coping with worry? Struggling with your kids? Leave the distress behind.
January 28, 2019

Coping with worry? Struggling with your kids? Leave the distress behind. You'll want to listen to this conversation with Ann Flagg about how we can change the child parent dynamic and leave the distress behind. A great listen even if you don't have kids!.

From Striving To Thriving, Saying Yes To Yourself
January 13, 2019

In this episode Katie McDonald, self care strategist, founder and CEO of bnourished, shares with us why self care as selfishness is a myth!  After years of striving for perfection she became depleted and sick from “not-enoughness.” She had to learn the t.

How To Play The Game Of Life!
January 07, 2019

Win or lose, no matter the outcome success is inevitable when you stay in the game, stay focused, stay playing. In this short episode Linda and Lana explore where outcomes are really created, in the present moment and without all the struggle if you just.

Finding Your True Voice. Conversation with Together Tea author Marjan Kamali
December 31, 2018

In this rich encore conversation Linda and Lana speak with Marjan Kamali, author of Together Tea, about how she found and used her voice and a deep love of language to write the stories that have created a profound sense of home for her.

Thrive To Ninety-five! Conversation with Elizabeth Phinney.
December 16, 2018

Linda and Lana speak with Elizabeth Phinney, Certified Personal Trainer and founder of Fitness After Forty Five. Her mission is to inspire people to take control of their own aging through diet and exercise so that they can “thrive to ninety-five,” exper.

Giving Voice to Grief Through the Transformative Process of Grieving
December 09, 2018

In this fascinating, insightful and timely conversation, Linda and Lana speak with Sairey Luterman, Certified Thanatologist and Grief Counselor, about the transformative process of grief. Sairey sits in the mystery of uncertainty with her clients and hel.