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REBROADCAST – 11 – Essentially, Radically Changed: The Inauguration Speech Part 2
March 04, 2018

In honor of the 177th anniversary of William Henry Harrison’s inauguration, I am reposting my two-part analysis of Harrison’s inaugural speech. In part two of the analysis (with 8,400+ words, of course there’s a part two),

REBROADCAST – 10 – The Bout to Take the General Out: The Inauguration Speech Part 1
March 04, 2018

In honor of the 177th anniversary of William Henry Harrison’s inauguration as president, I am reposting my two-part analysis of his inauguration speech, to date the longest US presidential inauguration speech. To save folks the trouble, I read the 8,

REBROADCAST – 024 – The New Year’s Levee
December 31, 2017

As the world rings in a new year, I bring you this episode originally released on New Year’s Day 2017 for a look back on early American traditions with a focus on a New Year’s tradition from days gone by: the Presidential New Year’s Day Reception.

047 – Old Hickory and Old Tip
December 19, 2017

Though never personal, throughout the course of the early 19th century, Andrew Jackson and William Henry Harrison found their lives intertwined for decades, through war and peace. Though they often found themselves in competition,

046 – Fort Hill and Beethoven’s Crazy Racist Cousin
December 03, 2017

Join me on a tour of Fort Hill, the home of John C Calhoun who served as the 7th vice president. Even more so than many of Harrison and Clay’s other contemporaries, Calhoun leaves a difficult legacy for students of history to consider as his concepts o...

045 – The Compromiser’s Last Bow
November 19, 2017

Though progressing into his seventh decade of life, Henry Clay was pulled back into the public sphere as the nation’s new president, James K Polk, led the nation into war with Mexico. Despite ill health and personal issues,

044 – GTH: How Texas Kept Clay From the White House
November 05, 2017

John Tyler’s unexpected ascendancy to the presidency causes both Whigs and Democrats to think and rethink their strategies for the 1844 presidential election. Presumptive candidates Henry Clay and Martin Van Buren prepare to lead their respective parti...

043 – With Friends Like These
October 22, 2017

He may have lost in 1832, but that didn’t mean that Henry Clay lost his desire for the presidency. As 1836 and 1840 neared, each time, the gentleman from Kentucky had to decide whether to go for the gold once more. However,

042 – Years of Striving
October 08, 2017

After the defeat in 1828, the pro-Adams camp forms a new political party, the National Republicans, which turns to the willing and eager Henry Clay to lead them against Andrew Jackson and to carry the party banner towards victory in 1832. However,

041 – The Jacksonians Strike Back
September 24, 2017

After four years of the Adams administration, the voters go to the polls once more in 1828 as Andrew Jackson once more challenges the man from Massachusetts. However, the President’s supporters, including his Secretary of State Henry Clay,