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WellSeekers with Lucia

Want to Make a Change In Your Life & Don't Know How? Try This Game Changing Method

November 29, 2021

Welcome back to WellSeekers as we continue with a brand new six part series focusing on meditation and mindfulness. As always and in this series, we’ll share amazing conversations full of thoughtful insights, powerful personal stories, and most importantly real world solutions; all from a holistic perspective. We’ll talk about mindfulness and meditation in your relationships and work life, food and your body, and accomplishing goals with behavioral mindfulness and meditation!

On today’s show, we welcome Sean Greenspan, Head of the Enterprise Business in the Americas at Fabulous. Fabulous was incubated in Duke University’s Behavioral Economics Lab led by Dan Ariely. Fabulous will help you build healthy rituals into your life by employing the same method that elite athletes and successful entrepreneurs use to rise to the top of their games. And now it can take you to the top of yours.

In this episode, we’ll talk about behavioral tools and techniques to help you set and achieve your goals, the importance of having a plan that sets you in motion on your journey, and HOW you’re going to get there. Behavioral change can be difficult for many reasons. It might be due to our desire to stay in our comfort zones. Maybe it’s due to daily habits and rituals that we hang on to. However, being mindful and making behavioral changes, large and small, has the profound power to rewire our brains and build new and healthier habits.

The powerful and positive impacts of meditation and mindfulness are undeniable. Mindfulness and meditation can improve your overall health and greater satisfaction in all areas of life by reducing rumination, reducing stress, reducing anxiety, reducing emotional reactivity, and improving the ability to be more present and in control of your emotions. Finding, learning, and practicing mindfulness is more accessible now more than ever. And we’re here to help with great ideas for incorporating meditation and mindfulness in your life. Join Lucia and Sean on this episode of WellSeekers with Lucia, and Rise and Comeback to Your Best Life Story!

To learn more about about Fabulous, visit: https://www.thefabulous.co

To learn more about about Fabulous for work, visit: https://www.thefabulous.co/work

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