Weather Hype

Weather Hype

Episode 56: Lions and Tigers and Typhoons, Oh My!

March 28, 2019

In October of 2018, Super Typhoon Yutu, packing winds of 180 mph, slammed into Saipan, the largest island of the Northern Mariana Islands. And in it's wake, complete destruction.

We talk with April Lipinski, who works with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. And she was in Saipan after the island and other parts of the commonwealth were left reeling from the devastating impacts of the storm.

While April and her team were working to help the people of Saipan, there was an interesting rumor that came about... a rumor that there might be animals in need of help

And with the help of several agencies and organizations, the gears were put in place to rescue these animals from Saipan.

We also talk with Pat Craig, the executive director of the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado where Tasha and Lambert were taken after the storm.

On episode 56 of WeatherHype, our second episode for 2019's National Weather Podcast Month, we talk with April and Pat about the recovery process for Saipan immediately after Super Typhoon Yutu. And share the story of Lambert the Lion and Tasha the Tiger, and their amazing journey from the middle of the Pacific to Colorado's Wild Animal Sanctuary, a 10,473 acre sanctuary for more than 500 rescued animals.


Special thanks to Becky DePodwin from the podcast Ice Station Housman, for our Weather Ready Nation Spring Weather Safety Message.

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