Visions, Faith, and the Persecuted Church

Visions, Faith, and the Persecuted Church

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Sardis is Dead -Messages to Seven Churches Pt6
November 15, 2019

Sardis is Dead receives the message of judgment. This is the mercy of God flowing to the group of Christians in Sardis. Judgment along with a warning means that

Casting down Moab Isaiah's Prophetic Book Pt25 on Battle Lines
November 15, 2019

Casting down Moab - In the second portion of the Burden of Moab the judgment and the extent are fully realized. Yet we also find the tabernacle of David again

Gospel Solution Today, Israel War, Campus Intolerance, Religious Christianity
November 14, 2019

Gospel Solution Today is the answer to the worlds woes. Yet in many nations like China, North Korea, India, Pakistan, and in many Muslim nations we find governm

Jezebel Tribulation -Messages to Seven Churches Pt5
November 08, 2019

Thyatira Jezebel finds its way into the vicinity of the church. While Thyatira was known more for her works than her other attributes like love, faith, patients

Burden of Moab Isaiah's Prophetic Book Pt24 on Battle Lines
November 08, 2019

The Burden of Moab; The old enemy of the Jews, finds as in the words of the Chaldee “a cup of malediction” here to drink from. This is a cup and a curse that wi

Gospel News Global lawlessness, Genocide, Turkey, Caliphate, Christianity
November 07, 2019

Gospel News Global lawlessness -This the WIBR/Warn Radio Endtime report and commentary. This Endtime report features advocacy for the Persecuted church. In add

Balaam, Nicolaitane at Pergamos -Messages to Seven Churches Pt4
November 01, 2019

Balaam, Nicolaitane at Pergamos - Doctrine of Balaam, Ate food sacrificed to idols and committed fornication [indulge in unlawful lust]! Nicolaitanes also disob

Babylon's Grave Isaiah's Prophetic Book Pt23 on Battle Lines
October 31, 2019

Babylon's Grave -In the comparison of Mystery Babylon and Babylon of old, both faced destruction. But the modern Mystery of Babylon will find it worse still. In

Christians face Perilous times, Alveda King, Baghdadi bagged, India, Nigeria
October 30, 2019

Christians face Perilous times. The Apostle Paul warned in 2nd Thessalonians that a time would come when generations of men would reject the Love of the Truth.

Faithful unto Death Messages to Seven Churches Pt3
October 25, 2019

We find in Smyrna a church whose words given them from the Lord are that they would have "tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death". Faithful unto Dea