Wannabe Minimalist Show

Wannabe Minimalist Show

Ep 75: Simplifying Your Money Habits with Chelsea Brennan

November 04, 2021

Money and stuff...stuff and money. We need one to buy the other and we can sell one to get the other. But the mindsets we have around each of these things can be very closely aligned.

If you have been on a journey to simplify, declutter and organize - or you want to just create more intention in your life, it's important to take a look at your money habits.

Not only will cultivating better mindsets around money help you move past money blocks, but when you have a better handle on your own money habits you can help your children learn about money and understand how to create better money values as a family.

This is one of my goals for this year. My daughter is eight and I felt it was time to help her understand money, how it's earned, how it can grow, and what it can and cannot do. As it turns out, I'm a bit late to the game, but my guest on the Wannabe Minimalist Show was able to show me that while I am late, it's still fixable.

Chelsea is the founder of Smart Money Mamas and its monthly membership community, the Motivated Mama Society. An ex-hedge fund manager turned financial educator, she is dedicated to changing the way we talk about money, helping moms connect with all aspects of their money in a way that lets them overcome emotional blocks, identify what they most want, and create the healthy money habits that help them achieve their biggest goals. All while modeling positive money relationships for the next generation.

Chelsea lives in Connecticut with her husband (a rockstar stay-at-home dad) and two young and energetic boys.

Our discussions starts with looking at how to establish money values if you didn't come from a family that talked about money and we take a deep look at how to help children save and foster a giving spirit. Not only will today's lesson help you with your money mindsets, it will also help you look at your stuff in a new light as well.

This episode of the Wannabe Minimalist Show will also help you discover:

- Why money mindsets are so important
- What age your core money ideas are formed (and it's earlier than you think)
- How you can create better money habits with 3 words
- Simple tips for instilling generosity in your children
- If allowances are a good idea