George Goes to Jail

November 24, 2019

Act 1: Program Interrupted:

It's a production show! Steve starts the show off normally when Achmed bursts in to tell him that George has been arrested and the police would not tell Achmed any more details because he is not the legal guardian for him.

Achmed thinks Steve is possessed like Jack Spade from DarkStone Entertainment's series but Jack shows up (which apparently he sometimes does show up and leaves sporadically from time to time). At least this time he let us know he left. And nothing bad came about it... so far.


Act 2: CPD Blues

Steve and the group head to the police department to bail George out, Peter and Achmed choose to wait outside. Steve goes to get him out of the cell and when George is touched by the officer during his release, it triggers him into a rage. He is about to be tazed right as the DarkLord steps in and snaps them all back to the studio.

Act 3: Home Base

Back at the studio we find that Leroy is eating just fucking chicken as it is fucking delicious. Which is true! It is!

George throws up over the transportation from the police department and home being so jarring.

We then realize the show is still recording.

Act 4: Someone really wants that dick!

We return with Steve bitching about the weather and it's fucking with him so much. And some brief talk about the holidays coming up later this week as well.

Speaking of holiday season we take some time to talk about some of the worst gifts you could possibly get for someone for Christmas.

After a quick word from our sponsor: NapTime!

We return just to finish up the show, check out our TeeSpring Store for the new merch, I will be putting it inside our normal store soon enough!

Music for This Week:

* Strand- You Make Me Crazy* American Heartbreak- The Last Of The Superheros* Gidgets Ga Ga- Baby You're A Star* Gaiah- Story Goes* Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra- The Killing Type* Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys - ROYALS (Part Deux)

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