Vegas Travel Podcasts

Vegas Travel Podcasts

VTP #52: 2020 Review of Aria Casino & Hotel

January 13, 2020

Vegas Travel Podcasts reviews Aria Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip because it should be in consideration for upscale accommodations and amenities the next time you visit Las Vegas.
What you'll hear in this Aria Hotel and Casino review
0:59 Jay Kersting shares the location of Aria's secret gaming area

2:05 Here's the list of Aria's specialty restaurants

2:41 Why did Aria get rid of its theater?

2:53 Where to Aria customers go for entertainment?

3:17 Why Aria is noted for its luxury pools

3:54 What to know about Aria's 5-star rated luxury hotel suites

4:51 What is the Aria resort fee and what do guests get for it?

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