Up and Adam - A BerganKDV Podcast

Up and Adam - A BerganKDV Podcast

Lorilei Christner // Combining Process and Passion

June 04, 2020

Payroll Implementation Manager Lorilei Christner and Adam go toe-to-toe on who has the best team morale, the payroll team or the wealth management team. Both agree the key to having great morale is a team who can count on each other when the chips are down.

While Lorilei didn’t have payroll experience when she took on her role at BerganKDV, she is an expert on process improvement and project management. And, she has been on the client side of a payroll implementation, so she is sensitive to the fact that it is a major undertaking to transition HCM and payroll software platforms. She is all about making the process as easy and smooth as possible for all involved.

This podcast episode was recorded pre-COVID-19 but is foretelling about how remote work teams function well with the technology provided by BerganKDV in conjunction with making sure the virtual time spent together is beneficial to all. And how important it is to mute yourself, especially when your office is next to railroad tracks and a fire station.


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